Martha Long – Principal Flute, Oregon SymphonyPowell Flutes Artist

Portlanders are so lucky to have Canter Flutes in our hometown!  I am always thrilled with the work that Darren and Molly do on my flutes and for my students' instruments.  From quick fixes to COAs to complete overhauls, I know that my flutes are in excellent hands and that they will receive the best possible care.

Amelia Lukas – Soloist, Chamber Musician, Powell Flutes Artist
amelialukas.com   alignedartistry.com

Canter Flute Repair is a lynchpin for the Oregon flute community. When I've encountered time-sensitive issues with my instrument, Darren and Molly have gone out of their way to create space in their schedules and ensure that my flute has the attention it needs before my performances, bringing skill and care to their work. They've alleviated some very stressful situations and my flute always sounds and plays beautifully after their expert touch!

Alicia DiDonato Paulsen – Assistant Principal Flute, Oregon Symphony

As a symphony player, I’m constantly using my flute past its COA due date, and inevitably, I end up needing emergency service.  I’m really grateful to have found a team here in Portland that provides repair of the highest calibre even at the very last minute. Darren and Molly’s COA was not only splendidly done, it’s obvious that they enhanced the individual magic of my flute. I’m thankful, impressed, and I’ll be using Canter Flute Repair again - and I’ll even schedule in advance!

Emily Gerace Stanek – Flute Faculty at Willamette University and Corban University 

I am very grateful for the time that Molly and Darren spent answering my questions, teaching me about various aspects of flute repair, and showing me reasons for some of my concerns. One of my favorite things about them is their attention to detail and their passion for what they do. Their most recent repair work on my flute, I’m convinced, unlocked a secret mystery that allows a greater resonance in my headjont that no other technician has found. I am looking forward to being able to have them overhaul my flute in the coming year. I learned so much during those times spent with them. Their kindness is unmatched. Thank you.

Phyllis Louke – Composer & Flutist, President Greater Portland Flute Society
www.phyllislouke.com   fabulousflute.com

Darren Cook and Molly Duggan recently performed a clean, oil, and adjust (COA) on my university’s bass flute with spectacular results.  The instrument is less than 2 years old, and Darren identified quite a few leaks in pads that were particularly affecting the right hand keys.  The mechanical and pad adjustments were spot on and the bass flute sounded fabulous.  The two students who played it in our flute choir’s performance were thrilled with how easy it was to play after the COA, when it was barely playable before.  I have known Darren Cook for over twenty years as both a talented flutist and teacher. Darren studied flute repair with Bob Gilchrist, who was one of the most talented and well-respected flute technicians in the United States (we called him a “flute magician”), so his training is solid.  Also, Darren and Molly have been recently become certified to work on flutes with Straubinger pads, which is a plus.

Adam Eccleston – Principal Flute Columbia Symphony, Powell ArtistDirector of Orchestras BRAVO Youth Orchestras


This is my second time working with Darren and Molly and even during the pandemic they were extremely cautious, vigilant and respectful. 

What I like most about their work is how they pay close attention to detail. Darren and Molly take their work very seriously and will not provide a service they could not stand by 100%. I learned a lot about my instrument and how the mechanism works. While watching them work, it was evident how passionate they are about flutes and customer satisfaction.  My flute hasn't sounded or looked this good in years! My flute is resonating beautifully and the mechanism feels so smooth and even.  Thank you to Darren and Molly for the overhaul.  I can honestly vouch for Canter Flute Repair and I was rest assured that my flute was in good hands and it was! I will continue to use all of their services!!

Your friend, Adam

David Griffith – Flutist, VoxaNova

Darren and Molly - just spent a quick 30 minutes here at the house giving the flute a good play test. Absolutely loving it so far. Very even response throughout the range of the instrument, the bottom end is solid, key noise is gone, mechanism feels silky smooth. Thank you so much - I am a very happy customer! Merry Christmas to you both and see you again in the new year. Can't wait to see what you are able to do with my alto! Bravo!

Erik Weberg – Flutist, Joyride American Contra Dance band 

 erikweberg.com    joyride.erikweberg.com

Got home and played my flute after I picked it up this morning.  Wow! What a difference!  It really does play much better than it had before.  And it looks great too!  As always, it goes out of adjustment so slowly that it’s hard to notice.  But when it gets worked on and everything is aligned and clean, the difference is obvious.  Thank you for the careful work.

Emily Gerace Stanek – Flute Faculty at Willamette University and Corban University 

I am so thankful for your flute advice! You pinpointed the reason for my flute’s lack of resonance. Thank you thank you!!

Tom North – student of Phyllis Louke

I could no longer play certain notes on my flute, I thought I was going crazy. My teacher heard me scratching out sounds and couldn’t take it anymore. She told me I needed to take my flute in to get the pads checked and get it back into adjustment. She suggested Canter Flute Repair. I contacted Darren and met him to inspect my flute. Darren immediately found 7 keys that were out of alignment and one pad that was bad. He described to me the action of the clutch, springs, adjustment screws, high performance lubricants and adjustment process. I dropped my flute off to get a new pad and get it cleaned, oiled and adjusted and picked it up a week later. I could play again! It sounded great and it looked beautiful! I could play notes I couldn’t play before, I could play the mid and high octave with little effort, I could sustain notes. Darren and Molly had done a great job of restoring the heart and soul of my flute!

Tara Planas – member, Rose City Flute Choir

Canter Flute Repair is a treasure and I am delighted with the work put in to overhauling my nearly 50-year-old Armstrong Heritage. The available skills and attention-to-detail of the services provided are profound. Not only did they repad, tighten rods, and polish the flute to perfection... they also replaced springs with long-lasting durable material, ensured a better fit for my Dana Sheridan headjoint, and leveled the keys, among a myriad of other things. Communication was excellent, and time spent is impressive -- I got it back in 12 days. It plays better than it ever has, responds immediately, and playing comfort is improved. One would never guess it's a 50-year old flute!

John Nyugen – Fmr. Principal Flutist of the Westview Wind Ensemble, Music Minor at The University of Texas at Dallas

Darren Cook and Molly Duggan are phenomenal flute technicians. I have known Darren as a teacher for three years and I have known Molly as a fellow flutist in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony for the past year. Not only are they some of the most distinguished flutists in the area, but Darren and Molly are also genial, ethical people just as gifted personally as they are at their craft. The week before my concerto debut, my flute pads broke. Molly immediately offered to help as a friend and eventually took it to the shop for further inspection. They were able to fix my flute very quickly. Throughout that time, I was impressed by their dedicated communication and personal adjustments made to my individual style of playing. It was clear that they were very informed about flute repair. Overall, Canter Flute Repair has excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and reasonable pricing. It is clear that Darren and Molly live by high standards from the way they run their business and treat their customers. There is no better flute repair shop I highly recommend to my section, peers, and students more than Darren and Molly.